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Ideas for some professional applications in the iPad

In Applesfera we talked about professional environments where the iPad can succeed, or indeed is already doing, and also for professional applications for different environments. This week I’ve been thinking and I think some applications that do not exist and facilitate work in offices rather if they were available on the App Store have occurred. Mind you, I’m not saying they need an iPad or yes, but I think if they are running on the Apple tablet increased productivity or simply be achieved thanks to its characteristics. If we can have a projector in a meeting room for little else we can have a iPad in the same and stay there permanently. As the post has been quite long, I will divide it into two parts. Consider the first part with some of my ideas after the jump.
Blackboard tools wifi resource sharing
Maybe once you’ve needed to share a picture with someone who was not in the same meeting and attend it by phone, or design an outline for a fairly wide audience, with that want to save a copy electronic format. The iPad is perfect for this purpose because it is integrated in one (we need a drawing tablet and a PC, for example), your boot is much faster than a computer, can stay looking the other participants of the meeting if we keep in our laps while we design and we can share with participants of the room if you connect to wireless projector or people who is participating by videoconference or by telephone, also including video and / or audio.

The truth is that the program would be great to have the same capabilities of editing and file sharing Skitch, to name a program that makes their task very well. A big plus for the issue at hand is that the designs created with Skitch is saved as a vector graphic, with the possibility of undoing the last actions. It would also be great to have the functionality that counts SyncPad as whiteboard with the ability to share content in real time with other computers, iPad and smartphones online. A mix between Skitch and SyncPad would be perfect.
Manager Meeting
In many companies the trick assign an e-mail to each meeting, so that they can “invite” it to the meeting, and thus manage the reservation of it is used. If the room is available answers in Outlook, we will have reserved. The idea of ​​the application is that the iPad displays the day’s agenda and the hours in which it is engaged, allowing the reservation of the same from the iPad itself, for which it would send an email to the mailing address of the room. If at some point we need another room, we can find out what other rooms are available from the iPad and reserve them and know what room you are going to hold a particular meeting.
Another function might be to notify a programmable time will end the meeting, for example 10 minutes before it to close issues and establish action items. You could also record audio and video of the meeting, use the iPad to write the minutes of the meeting and automatically send it to the participants of the same, etc.

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