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GOLF CLASH – a golf game

Golf Clash – a golf game is built by a Uk- based studio Playdemic. Basically, It is a golf simulation game in which game, players compete against each other. It is a turn-based golf match of about 4-5 minutes. When you play this game, you will feel like contests of Golden Tee, the classic bar room arcade game. In this game, each player lines up their shot adjust for the wind, choose a ball and club, and then tries to get their ball into the hole in fewer shots than their opponent.

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Golf Clash was released on January 18th, 2017 worldwide. It jumped quickly to a Top 100 Downloaded position (Overall / US / iPhone), obtaining a position at #36 on January 25th. Since launch, this game has made progress consistently, As of this writing, the game is #65 Grossing overall in the US on iPhone.


The Golf Clash Cheats is based on matches with random strangers: a player is assigned as an opponent, and each player must contribute a certain amount of gold into a pot that the winner takes at the end of the match. The amount of gold required for the player to join a match depends on the “tour” they’re in: as a player plays more matches and amasses “trophies” (both players will receive trophies at the end of the match, but the winner receives more), they unlock additional tours to play, with each tour you will be providing greater rewards (more trophies, more money in the pot).


For all working cheats you can even download Golf Clash Mod APK In addition to gold and trophies, each time a player wins a match, he will receive a chest (as in Clash Royale); chests are full of gems, gold, and cards that can be used to upgrade the player’s arsenal of golf clubs and balls. Golf clubs are upgraded by collecting the cards that are released in chests: if a player collects enough cards for a specific club, those cards can be combined to upgrade that club. As in Clash Royale, chests are unlocked on a timer, and a player can only hold four chests at any given point in time, meaning that if a player has all four chest slots full and wins a game, the chest they win must be discarded.

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